The Urista Family {Oak Glen Family Photographer}//November 6, 2017

This session is of a fantastic woman named Amanda, who is the awesome owner of Mandy’s Cakes Couture, along with her precious family. Since these were taken, they’ve added another little girl to the family & we will be doing a new family session soon!

But I wanted to show off their family photos from before because they are just so precious. Who doesn’t love autumn in Oak Glen, the small apple town just past Yucaipa. My cousins & brother lived there for awhile in high school so I spent a LOT of time there back then. It has since held a very special place in my heart so I just LOVE it when clients want to have their own photos taken there.

Here are a few of my faves from the Urista’s session.

oak glen family photographer

Sometimes I really love those in-between moments, walking from one photo location to the next.

oak glen photographer

oak glen photographer

oak glen photographer

oak glen lifestyle photographer

oak glen photographer

oak glen photographer

oak glen photographer

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Nelson & Jackie {Riverside Prom Photographer}//November 6, 2017

This gorgeous couple has been dating for most of high school and now during college. This was from their senior prom, which was over a year ago (like I said, it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged! lol).

I had to share a few of their beautiful prom photos that we took outside the Mission Inn in Riverside, CA.

The Mission Inn

The Mission Inn, Prom Photographer

prom photographer

The Mission Inn, Prom Photographer

prom photos

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Albuquerque {A Weekend Adventure}//November 6, 2017

Albuquerque is an interesting place, and some of my favorite people live there…my brother and my beautiful nieces to be specific. It reminds me of my childhood state (Ohio) in a certain way. I got to spend the weekend there last year and I just loved some of the everyday beauties, like the lavender farm we visited and little flowers here and there. I loved the adobe homes and the gorgeous sunsets. Seeing hot air balloons from my brother’s backyard while enjoying a glass of wine was also nice. :) The Thai food place near his house (with pumpkin curry!!!! OMG! It was amazing!) and the Mexican mocha from a nearby diner were nice touches as well.

I hope you enjoy the city through my eyes & maybe you’ll have a chance to visit one day.  The balloon fiesta in early October is definitely a must-see. I wasn’t there during October on this visit, so I don’t have photos, but we went when my kids were little and I would really love to make it there again sometime.

One of our first stops was a nearby nature reserve. It was very peaceful and quiet.

Albuquerque nature reserve

I love the juxtaposition of nature and a very modern, concrete building.

The baby turtles were adorable! :)

Next up was a lavender farm.

I have a thing for old doors and buildings.

This little greenhouse & store was really cute. I loved the light that poured through the windows and the charming gifts and trinkets.

These windows were incredible. They opened all the way across using the wheel you see mid-photo. It was amazing how easily they opened. I know…it doesn’t take much to impress me. lol

One of my favorite people in the whole world…my older brother.

There was something magical about this old farm shop, now hidden away behind a fence. I shot through the fence to get that awesome texture.

I just adored the simplicity and symmetry of this Albuquerque home.

Another gorgeous New Mexico home. At dusk. Just lovely.

The view from my brother’s backyard, where you can frequently see hot air balloons.

Something about the way the end-of-day sun hitting these trees was so beautiful to me. It still seems like such an ordinary thing that it almost doesn’t seem worthy of a photo, yet I was compelled to take the shot anyway.
And while I’ve been tempted to toss it on numerous occasions, I can’t bring myself to do so. I want to remember that moment when I saw that beautiful warm glow on those trees while taking a walk with my awesome big bro.

They call the mountain range below the Sandía Mountains because when the sun sets on it, it had a reddish glow like watermelon. Sandía is the Spanish word for watermelon.

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You Had Me at Cedrone…//November 4, 2017

“You had me at Cedrone.” It was the hashtag/theme for this special wedding and I still love it. It’s been two years since this wedding, but for some reason I wasn’t blogging at the time. Honestly though, I didn’t want to let this one go. This was one of my favorite weddings to date & I just love these families & their friends so much. I felt like I was amongst family. Everyone made me feel welcome and I hope I did the same.

If you follow my Instagram, you may have seen that Chrissy has battled metastatic breast cancer for a while now and less than two years after her wedding to Chris, we lost this precious soul. Let me be clear. Cancer did NOT win. You knew that by spending ONE afternoon with Chrissy. She refused to let this ugly thing keep her down. She was determined to live her life as fully as she could. On some days, that meant curling up on the couch, with Chris doing everything in his power to make her comfortable. On other days, that meant taking a party bus to Vegas with those she held closest to her heart to celebrate her upcoming nuptials. She had a way of wrapping us all around her lil finger. :)

I am privileged to have had this beautiful soul in my life and I want to remember her tonight. I miss you, sweet friend. I miss your Happy New Year’s texts (and other random texts that I still have on my phone and can’t bring myself to delete). I miss our coffee dates in Palm Springs (when the frigid Boston winter was too much to bear). I miss your smile. I miss you.

And now I’ll over-share photos from their gorgeous Palm Springs wedding.

wedding photographer, palm springs wedding, escena

palm springs wedding details

wedding prep photos, Chelsea Nicole Makeup & Hair

wedding detail shots, groom's details

groom's details

groom's portraits, palm springs wedding

palm springs wedding, first look, bride and groom

first look

bride & groom portraits

Escena golf club, wedding portraits

wedding portraits

family portraits

Palm Springs DoubleTreewedding party

wedding party photos palm springs

Escena Golf Club, palm springs

wedding party photos

Escena Golf Club

palm springs wedding

father walking daughter down the aisle

giving away the bride

exchanging of rings, palm springs wedding

Escena Wedding first kiss

bride and groom, palm springs wedding

wedding details

sunset wedding photos palm springs

sunset wedding portraits

Escena golf club

first dance

mother/son dance

father/daughter dance

wedding speeches, escena golf club

wedding reception

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The Dannemiller Family//November 4, 2017

I’ve known Will & Courtney for a very long time…since junior high. They were high school sweethearts. Thanks to this fantastic little thing called Facebook, I have been able to reconnect with them and get to know their lovely family. While I was back home in Ohio last summer, I got to photograph their newly-completed family. They had just completed the adoption of their sweet lil Vivian and these were their first official family portraits as a family of 7. There is a lot of love to go around in the Dannemiller family & it was a beautiful thing to see them after all this time.

doylestown ohio photographer, ohio destination photographer

Ohio Photographer, Riverside California photographer

family photographer, siblings

family photographer, ohio, california

family photographer, ohio, california

family photographer, lifestyle photographer

lifestyle photographer

And I always love giving families some silly outtakes from their photo session. These were my faves from this session.

silly family photos

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