“You had me at Cedrone.” It was the hashtag/theme for this special wedding and I still love it. It’s been two years since this wedding, but for some reason I wasn’t blogging at the time. Honestly though, I didn’t want to let this one go. This was one of my favorite weddings to date & I just love these families & their friends so much. I felt like I was amongst family. Everyone made me feel welcome and I hope I did the same.

If you follow my Instagram, you may have seen that Chrissy has battled metastatic breast cancer for a while now and less than two years after her wedding to Chris, we lost this precious soul. Let me be clear. Cancer did NOT win. You knew that by spending ONE afternoon with Chrissy. She refused to let this ugly thing keep her down. She was determined to live her life as fully as she could. On some days, that meant curling up on the couch, with Chris doing everything in his power to make her comfortable. On other days, that meant taking a party bus to Vegas with those she held closest to her heart to celebrate her upcoming nuptials. She had a way of wrapping us all around her lil finger. :)

I am privileged to have had this beautiful soul in my life and I want to remember her tonight. I miss you, sweet friend. I miss your Happy New Year’s texts (and other random texts that I still have on my phone and can’t bring myself to delete). I miss our coffee dates in Palm Springs (when the frigid Boston winter was too much to bear). I miss your smile. I miss you.

And now I’ll over-share photos from their gorgeous Palm Springs wedding.